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Infrared LED Ring Light: Quintic High-Speed Camera

Our Infrared (IR) LED lighting systems are specifically designed to increase the reflectivity of markers whilst being invisible to the naked eye. We feel that when working in close proximity to athletes it is important that lighting is not too bright or potentially off-putting to the individual, and using Infrared means it goes completely undetected.

Our IR LED Ring Lights have been specially sourced and fabricated for use within our Quintic software, and also to function perfectly alongside our Quintic hardware. The Ring Light is compatible with the all Quintic High-Speed cameras. Step-up / Step-down adaptors can be sourced to accommodate different lens sizes. It is also possible to add additional filters onto the ring light.



WITHOUT the IR LED Ring Light


WITH the IR LED Ring Light

Images for illustrative purposes only.

Assembly : Below are the assembly instructions for attachment of the IR LED Ring Light to the Quintic High-Speed GigE camera.


1) Screw the Step up / Step down Adapter ring onto the screw thread on the front of the lens

2) Screw the step up / step down adapter ring (attached to the lens) onto the screw thread on the back of the IR LED

3) Attach the IR light to the front of the High – Speed camera, by using the step up / step down adapter thread to screw the LED onto the front of the lens

4) Connect the IR light to the power cable supplied. When the LED is powered up, a green light will be illuminated to notify you that the IR light is turned on.

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