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Founded in 1997, Quintic Consultancy Limited specialises in Premier Sports Video Analysis Software, Sports Biomechanics & Performance Analysis Consultancy. It is through our extensive consultancy work and constant liaison in the fields of elite sport, physiotherapy, podiatry and education that our three levels of premier sports video & biomechanical analysis software has evolved. It is this unique contact that allows us to produce easy to use, market leading software systems that specialise in 2D Biomechanical Analysis.

Quintic Video Analysis Software v26 - Introduction

Quintic has produced three levels of premier video analysis software (Quintic Sports, Coaching & Biomechanics) to suit every video analysis requirement whatever the discipline. Quintic software systems are modular with each version assuming the characteristics of the last. This enables all standards of athlete, coach, scientist and educator to access premier 2D Biomechanical and Performance Analysis Software. The latest version of Quintic Biomechanics includes:

  • Quintic Multi Capture - Synchronised High-Speed GigE LIVE cameras (up to SIX camera angles)
  • Automatic synchronisation of up to SIX multi-capture videos - one click PLAYS all SIX videos together!
  • Automatic Tracking - track up to 21 markers at a time Click here                             
  • Improved Automatic Tracking Function, Larger field of view, increased functionality and more user friendly
  • GigE, USB2, USB3 LIVE high-speed camera capture (upto 500fps)
  • Multi video analysis of up to 21-point digitisation - (Averages, confidence and prediction intervals)
  • Centre of Mass Model - 18 point anatomical model (Male & Female)
  • Multiple Intersection Angle Model /Synchronise with *.CSV files (Force Plates / EMG / Power Crank)
  • Improved Photo Sequence: 25% greater image size / Rotation of images...
  • Multi and Single image blend (compare foreground and background images)
  • The ability to save custom window locations and level of zoom / personal layout of the software
  • Compatible with the Quintic Automatic PDF report Templates - Cycling, Equine, Golf Putting and Gait
  • Copy all files used during the session (one click) to USB Memory device
  • Quintic Player v26 from software/player/ with a  host of new features - free download
  • Increased Video Format Compatibility with the latest digital cameras - (iPhone / iPad *.avi, *.mov, *.mpeg,*.wmv,*mp4,*flv, *swf …
  • Compatable with Microsoft Windows Eight, Seven, Vista (including Parallels Desktop for Mac)
Quintic Biomechanics 2D - Automatic Tracking

Quintic 4 Education
First released in 2006, Quintic 4 Education includes comprehensive tutorials, sport specific questions and a library of over 300 video clips from over 21 different sports. The package provides everything a teacher would need to demonstrate & teach technique, skill and human movement. Coupled with comprehensive training days, Quintic provides all you need for Education. Click here for more information

Quintic Hardware : Quintic are able to provide customers with compatible hardware products and accessories from major manufacturers at competitive prices. All products displayed on our website meet the minimum criteria recommended by our consultancy team, including the latest LIVE Streaming Quintic GigE, USB2, USB3 high-speed cameras along with the CASIO high-speed hand held camera. Quintic Multi LIVE Camera Capture from up to SIX LIVE streaming high-speed GigE cameras provides real time playback never seen before. Quintic will provide you with the total video analysis solution. Click here for more information.

Quintic Training Days : Quintic offers a comprehensive training day for customers. This training day can take place either on site or in the Quintic laboratory and has proved popular in motivating customers to fully understand all the Quintic functions. Make sure you utilise the full potential of your software by booking a training day today Click here for more information.

Quintic Sports Science Consultancy & Product Design : Quintic staff consult with a large number of national sporting bodies in a variety of sports. Our consultancy includes working with coaches to analyse performance, working with athletes, lecturing on National Sporting coaching programs, research projects, product testing and product design. Click here for more information.