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5W / 10W LED Spotlight: Quintic High-Speed LIVE Camera

These lighting systems are specifically designed to illuminate the area of interest, and increase the reflectivity of markers. They also have the advantage over more commercial lighting options in that although very bright, the beam is directional, and thus is less noticeable or potentially off-putting to the performer. The LED spotlight is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Our LED Spotlights have been specially sourced and fabricated for use with our Quintic hardware. Both LED Spotlights are compatible with all the Quintic High-Speed cameras. Please contact Quintic for further details and prices.

Fig7 Fig8
Images for illustrative purposes only. Light shown is the 10W

Assembly : Below are the assembly instructions for attachment of the LED Spotlight to the Quintic High-Speed camera.
(N.B. The light shown is the 10W option and the camera a GigE.)




1) Screw the plate onto the top of the High-Speed camera, ensuring all 4 screws are in securely. (N.B. You require the Allen key)

2) Attach the top bracket, bolt, felt washer, bottom washer and nut into the hole at the back of the plate. The order should be as shown in the first exploded image on Page One of these instructions.

3) Place the screw thread through the top bracket and through the attachment on the bottom of the LED. Ensure this handle is as loose as possible so as the screw thread comes out the other side of the bracket with enough room to attach the second handle.

4) Screw the other handle onto the opposite end of the screw thread, move the LED into the correct position and tighten the handle to secure it. To turn on / off use the switch attached to the back of the spot light.

For further information and for orders please Contact Us

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