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Markers - Automatic Digitisation

These markers are designed to be used with Quintic Coaching & Biomechanics capture software. There are three options, Spherical, hemispherical & flat disc markers, all of which are covered with 3M reflective tape. The reflective markers come in a range of sizes (see below). The markers can be attached to human skin, clothes or specific objects... for example, golf clubs, bicycle, ball, shoes or even a horse! When using reflective markers, a light is required to highlight the markers. A camera with manual shutter speed (Minimum 1000hz) is required to create clear images.

Pearl Markers are made with machined hemispheres and a center threaded cylinder resulting in greater spherical accuracy and identification of the marker centroid.  Pearl Markers offer improved retro reflectivity at greater distances and at lower exposure threshold settings than traditional markers. Two hemispherical pieces of the durable 3M high gain reflective material cover each marker and are joined with a very small seam at the equator. Pearl markers are available in 6.4mm, 9.5mm, 12.7mm, 14.0mm, 15.9mm, and 19.0mm spheres and may be ordered with two base options (hard/soft).

Quintic would always recommend a spherical or hemispherical marker so if any movement out of plane occurs (upto 20 degrees), the marker will still give maximum surface area for reflection. Please see case_studies/20_Degrees

It is also possible to use plain white markers (Spherical, hemispherical & flat disc) with a black background border within Quintic. These are particularly useful when filming outdoors.

Quintic Markers

Markers Cycling SV
Markers Cycling FV

Cycling SV: 8 Markers - 90rpm
(15.9mm Markers) Quintic USB2 High-Speed 100fps
8m Distance: Camera to Subject

Cycling FV: 13 Markers - 90rpm
(15.9mm Markers) Quintic USB2 High-Speed 100fps
8m Distance: Camera to Subject

Marker clusters can be used with Quintic, however, you must first select the number of points to be used in the digitisation model (1-21 points). Each point can be renamed as required: Hip, Knee, Ankle and Toe... The colour of each point can be altered along with the frequency and pen size. The table layout allows for ease of use in creating point trajectory templates. Quintic's flexibility of marker placement is the key to the accuracy of the Auto Tracking software.

Please contact Quintic for information regarding purchasing markers: Contact Us

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