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""I must say that Dr. Hurrion has been very helpful and co-operative in terms of biomechanical advice on my bowling action. He explained the mechanics of my action and how I needed to change in order to become legal and yet still ‘match effective’, I very much enjoyed working with Quintic & Paul..."

I was prescribed physical exercises to build the strength in my shoulder muscles. To utilise the larger muscles (and thus reduce the stress on the elbow joint) energy that comes through my body / shoulder when I deliver the ball must be developed from my lower body first. I adopted an approach used by javelin throwers, where the athlete transfer energy from the ground up, legs, torso, shoulder, wrist and finally into the cricket ball. As a result of this consultation, my action has been modied so that all the strength and speed now come from the bowling shoulder and not the elbow. The purpose was simple, to reduce the dependency on my elbow during the bowling action.




Please click here to read news article from ICA regarding Saeed Ajmal : www.icassociation.co.uk

Quintic "Quintic is a fantastic resource for Warwickshire County Cricket Club. Having access to six high-speed synchronised cameras allows us to comprehensively analyse and monitor a range of biomechanical and technical factors for batting, bowling and fielding. Quintic is an easy to use system that helps to identify and measure any issues relating to injury prevention and performance.

Our bowling coach Alan Richardson has already been a big user of the system, testing and profiling all of the clubs' bowlers. "Quintic has already been an essential tool towards gaining a better understanding of the mechanics of all of our bowlers and their bowling actions". The club has further plans to use Quintic within the sports science and medicine department to enhance both physical performance, through the assessment of Olympic lifting techniques, and to provide vital information on injured players in a bid to reduce and minimise injuries and optimise the rehabilitation process.

Quintic will also be extensively used within the academy and emerging players programmes to help educate our young players on both technical and biomechanical factors that could enhance performance."

Stuart Key - WCCC Performance Analyst

Quintic 6 Camera WCCC


Warwickshire CCC - Click here to read case study : Stuart Key

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