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EIS Lead Performance Analyst Stafford Murray explains how cutting edge technology is helping to provide coaches with enhanced feedback – allowing them to make informed interventions…

Research shows that on average, athletes and coaches can only recall 30% of performance correctly. Performance Analysis can help with the missing 70%.

After a successful two year agreement, the English Institute of Sport (EIS) and Quintic Consultancy will extend their innovative partnership which sees Quintic as Preferred Supplier of Biomechanical Performance Analysis Software to EIS up to 2012.

Quintic Consultancy are specialists in sports biomechanics and performance analysis software which they continually develop to maintain their position as one of the frontrunners in the analysis of sporting performance and technique. Having utilised the software with a wide range of sports, EIS practitioners will be able to further their application with the partnership focusing on the provision of software licences, a dedicated telephone support service, training of EIS support staff as well as some bespoke product development.

“We have benefitted from utilising the software across a wide range of sports we work with over the past two years” says Stafford Murray, EIS National Lead for Performance Analysis.“To maximise the effectiveness of our skilled practitioners, forging partnerships with leading providers such as Quintic is vital for our ongoing development and world class support services to sports.

“Now in the run up to a home Games in 2012, answering questions in sport around human movement, using technology such as Quintic, will prove an integral part in the delivery of biomechanical and performance analysis support. We have used their analysis tools in most sports around the EIS network, completing particularly innovative and successful interventions in performance level cycling, squash and athletics – highlighting the level to which this software is being used by our practitioners. This kind of analysis is now making day to day differences to our elite athletes’ performances, which is essentially what we are measured on” he added.

Dr Paul Hurrion, Director of Quintic Consultancy Limited says :

" Quintic Biomechanics Software provides ACCURATE, FAST & COMPREHENSIVE analysis of human movement & sporting technique. Quintic is delighted to have a close relationship with EIS and in the lead up to 2012, Quintic Software will provide athletes and coaches with the biomechanical FEEDBACK necessary to compete at the elite level.

The EIS Corporate Partnership Programme was launched in January 2006 and offers brands the opportunity to support the EIS and hence play their part in the delivery of sport science and medical services to the medal winning talent of today and tomorrow. A showcase for innovation, science, technology and research. www.eis2win.co.uk/pages/Biomechanics.aspx

The following presentation is an example of Quintic within the Sports Science and Coaching Elite Programme for England Squash

David Pearson - England National Squash Coach
Stafford Murray - Head PA and Biomechanics, English Institue of Sport

EIS Case Study - England Squash

For more information please visit www.quinticsquash.com

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