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Quintic Golf

"Quintic Performance Analysis Software provides comprehensive, easy to use, tools to allow me to analyse my full swing, chipping and putting in fine detail, whether I'm on the practice range, indoors or away on Tour.

I am able to immediately synchronise and compare my swing action and tempo, whilst the use of the drawing tools enables me to calculate the speed and acceleration of my club and arms."

Padraig Harrington : PGA European Tour Professional

Padraig Harrington


Golf Union of Wales

"The Golf Union of Wales is extremely grateful to Quintic Consultancy Ltd and Dr Paul Hurrion for the training and use of its Quintic software for our national coaches.

This system provides unrivalled technical support and backup to our coaches that will assist their delivery to our squads and players. The ability to synchronise and compare swing actions, tempo, and technical positions are very important for all our coaches..."

Neil Matthews:  Golf Union of Wales


David Howell

“Putting has always been one of my strengths but I’ve never truly excelled on the greens. I decided in order to challenge the world’s best players I had to change my stroke.

With the assistance of Paul Hurrion’s Quintic putting analysis software I’ve transformed my stroke. Visually it looks quite different but the changes have been quite easy to make. If you get the chance to work with Paul I’d recommend it”.

David Howell : European Tour Professional

David Howell


Tony Bennett - PGA

"The Quintic system allows me to view video footage of any golfer, irespective of ability or location through the software. This provides me with a unique opportunity to analyse and improve technique and compare the students game to the world’s best...

Quintic is an invaluable coaching tool as it enables me to analyse technique in fine detail. Quintic combined with the internet is the latest technology to aid both the coach and the golfer improve perfomance and transfer of information.

Tony Bennett : PGA Master Professional


"Quintic Video Analysis Software enables me to analyse all aspects of the golf swing in fine detail, whether I'm on the practice range at any of my CGA academies, or away on Tour.

Quintic software helps me explain my teaching methods and enables me to send the lesson information directly to my pupils email account. By doing this I can communicate with them no matter where I, or they, are in the world.”

Scott Cranfield : PGA European Tour Coach



The Quintic Putting Laboratory - Dr Paul Hurrion

Quintic's hi-tec Putting Laboratory and outdoor putting green for advanced biomechanical analysis of putting technique.

Every golfer uses the putter more than any other club and so it will not surprise you to hear that The Quintic Putting Laboratory is used regularly by European Tour Players and Golf Professionals as well as keen amateur golfers they all have one aim in common putting even better!!

More info please visit www.paulhurrion.com ...


Quintic Ball Roll v3.4 - www.quinticballroll.com

Quintic Ball Roll is the brainchild of Dr Paul Hurrion who is an internationally recognised Sports Biomechanist. Dr Hurrion is perhaps best known as Padraig Harrington's trusted putting advisor and biomechanics analyst over the past six years. He works with many other Tour golfers including Rory McIlroy, David Howell, Oliver Wilson, Paul McGinley, Robert-Jan Derksen, Oliver Fisher, Lee Westwood...

Dr Hurrion uses the Quintic Ball Roll Software regularly in all his analysis work. Quintic Ball Roll v3.4 software is capable of analysing up to 360 frames per second, automatically recognising markers on the golf ball & club head, and instantly producing fully digitised analysis of each putt... The software tracks the ball for the first 40cm of the putt length. It then instantly and clearly shows the club head data (speed, shaft angle, attack angle, rotation and face angle) along with ball speed, sidespin (cut or hook), angular rotation (degrees & RPM), vertical bounce, launch angle and point at which true roll occurs...

Crucially – and this is the most significant advance on Quintic’s already pioneering analysis tools – all of the above are reflected graphically and numerically in a summary sheet in a way that was formerly only available for full swing analysis software for irons and woods. The average, range and standard deviation of the putts is automatically updated after each putt and can be saved into a session folder. It is then possible to compare session results, for example, with different types of putter, before and after changes to the loft / lie / length of a putter and before or after a putting lesson.

Quintic Ball Roll v3.4

"The software measures the performances of the putter at impact and the golf ball launch dynamics,
which at the end of the day, is what matters..."

Quintic Ball Roll v3.4

Quintic Ball Roll v3.4


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