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Quintic video analysis software is used by:

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Q4E Case Study 26 - Position of the Non-Kicking Foot in Football Penalty Kicks - click here

Quintic Consultancy Ltd specialises in Premier Sports Biomechanics Video Analysis Software, Sports Biomechanics & Performance Analysis Consultancy. Based on the Quintic Ball Roll technology (www.quinticballroll.com) Quintic have developed the technology to measure ball speed, spin and launch angle from dead ball situations (penalities, free kicks and corners...). It is through our extensive biomechanics consultancy and constant liaison in the fields of elite football, that the software has been developed.

It is this unique contact that allows us to produce easy to use, market leading software systems that specialise in 2D Biomechanical Analysis. Please click on the video below for an introduction to Quintic Football Video Analysis Software...

Sky Sports News - March 2012 - 'Hot off the Press'

Quintic’ Digital Video Analysis Software and RSscan ‘Footscan'

The use of kinetic, RSscan Footscan, and kinematic, Quintic Video analysis can give some insight into the biomechanical cause of an injury. To illustrate their usage and application to injury analysis, the following case study is presented to the Football Association:

A 31 year old Nationwide Division One Striker presented with an Achilles tendon injury. Previous injuries include bilateral ACL Repairs and an Orthopaedic pinning of the Lumbar spine.

Quintic Videos Software - Football

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