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The Quintic Automatic Equine Report has been developed in order to produce detailed analysis of a horse’s gait in an applied setting.

Number of Cameras: The Equine report is designed for use with TWO synchronised cameras, one from either side. You can also use the report with just ONE camera view, where you take two separate videos; one with the horse walking one way then a separate video for the horse walking back the other way. The camera is positioned approxiametly 6m away from the field of view, to ensure one complete stride of the horse (both fore & hind) are captured.

Number of Trials: You can upload up to five trials for each limb: Left Fore, Right Fore, Left Hind and Right Hind.

Anatomical Marking: To generate a complete report, reflective markers need to be positioned on the following anatomical landmarks:

Quintic Equine

To generate a complete report, 12 reflective markers need to be positioned on the following anatomical landmarks:
Please note that 19.0 mm or 25.4 mm markers are recommended for all anatomical markers.

Quintic Equine

One or Two high-speed camera is used to capture the movement with reflective markers placed in the appropriate anatomical positions, as explained in the associated tutorial. Each video/trial is then digitised in the Quintic Biomechanics software and the data exported to Excel. Once this process is complete, the PDF report can be created using the relevant bolt-on Quintic Automatic Report software. Client / Horse information can be included in the database / report (e.g. name and height) by entering manually and creating a profile for that individual.

The relevant Excel files are then loaded into the report software and the PDF report is automatically generated, including the calculation of key time events and variables. This means that time does not need to be spent calculating the key variables and attempting to determine where the key frames are in the video.

Quintic Equine QAR

Report Output:

The Quintic Automatic Equine Report includes graphs, diagrams and statistics for following:

  1. Stride Characteristics: Stride Length, Stride Time & Load Time
  2. Protraction/Retraction
  3. Angular Displacements & Velocities : Shoulder, Elbow, Knee, Fetlock, Coronet, Hip, Stifle & Hock

You also have the option to upload still image snapshots taken within the Quintic Biomechanics software in order to provide visual feedback and emphasise a particular point of the horse gait. Please see the example pages of the Equine report below.

Quintic Equine Report - Example Pdf

Quintic Equine QAR

Quintic Equine QAR