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England Athletics

"We primarily use Quintic as a video analysis tool that allows us to implement in-session and post-session analysis, while also providing comparative analyse of techniques and movements over a period of time. Quintic enables us to compare videos and technique from today’s training session against past (and future) training sessions and competitions. If with one of our athletes we are looking at the angles of shoulder to elbow to hand, Quintic allows us to draw this angle straight onto the video and provide the athlete with ongoing visual feedback.

One of the most important ways I utilise Quintic is my post session coaching analysis, with functions like the export analysis tool and the stage by stage multi-photo sequence. Export analysis allows me to add angle drawings, foot contact timings, coaching points and other notational analysis to the video; I can then email this video along with the free Quintic Player to any of my athletes. The extra functionality of the Quintic Player allows my athletes to watch the video and see all of my coaching points as they play the video through, scroll back and forth, use frame advance and other functions. Retaining a video copy of important training/competition notes and advice allows them access at any time.

I like the stage by stage photo sequence which breaks down the technique into a series of still images with coaching points, shapes and angles overlaid on top such as angle of dorsiflexion, angle of pole at take off, various angles throughout the jump, and lines to highlight body alignment /position. I can drop the stage by stage sequence into Word or Excel, save it as a digital image or easily send it by email /CD to the athlete as further coaching advice or for discussion.. Quintic allows me to provide advice and feedback to the athlete in this fantastic way - the athlete can access it away from the training session - in this way we keep building a pattern of analysis as we move forward throughout our training season".

Alan Richardson : National Coach Mentor : Pole Vault and Jumps : England Athletics: Quintic in Action - Athletics

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