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GB Archery

Quintic "As the Olympic head coach for the British Archery team, Quintic Biomechanics allows me to check the archers’ execution of the shot and their consistency of alignment from the overhead camera view.  By knowing the joint angles of the arms and shoulders we can track the archers through any technical changes we make.  Quintic video analysis also allows us to compare video footage of different archers and also analyse the differences of archers between training and competition so we can identify any technical differences or areas to work on."

Lloyd Brown - GB Olympic Head Coach - GB Archery : Quintic in Action - Archery

Quintic "As the biomechanist for GB Archery, I use Quintic biomechanics software to analyse the archers, particularly from the overhead view.  What we primarily use Quintic for is automatic tracking and linear analysis functions to look at displacement of the joints and velocities in the vertical and horizontal planes when they perform the shot. Quintic angular analysis also allows us to calculate joint angles and assess alignment.  We can use the information that Quintic's analysis provides us along with the video data to analyse the variables in the shot allowing us to highlight what causes a bad shot and a good shot and report this information back to the archer. With both the numerical and video data we can start to build up a picture of archers technical flaws of what’s working well with their technique and report this back to the athlete and coach."

Oli Logan - English Institute of Sport - Biomechanics - GB Archery : Quintic in Action - Archery

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