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"Quintic Biomechanics Software provides ACCURATE & FAST analysis which is why we're the preferred supplier of Biomechanical Performance Analysis Software to the English Institute of Sport."

English Institute of Sport - Quintic in Action - EIS


Quintic "Quintic is a fantastic resource for Warwickshire County Cricket Club. Having access to six high-speed synchronised cameras allows us to comprehensively analyse and monitor a range of biomechanical and technical factors for batting, bowling and fielding. Quintic is an easy to use system that helps to identify and measure any issues relating to injury prevention and performance.

Our bowling coach Alan Richardson has already been a big user of the system, testing and profiling all of the clubs' bowlers. "Quintic has already been an essential tool towards gaining a better understanding of the mechanics of all of our bowlers and their bowling actions". The club has further plans to use Quintic within the sports science and medicine department to enhance both physical performance, through the assessment of Olympic lifting techniques, and to provide vital information on injured players in a bid to reduce and minimise injuries and optimise the rehabilitation process.

Quintic will also be extensively used within the academy and emerging players programmes to help educate our young players on both technical and biomechanical factors that could enhance performance."

Stuart Key - WCCC Performance Analyst : Quintic in Action - Cricket


Quintic "At the University of Chichester we have been users of Quintic Biomechanics for over 12 years. From the inception of this product we have seen excellent developments in both qualitative and quantitative analysis procedures. We use Quintic with all our undergraduate students as we have a site licence for the software. We are glad to aid Quintic with development of their product and in addition fully endorse its user friendly interface for teaching, and its specialist options of ball spin/roll, and 3D versions that we use in our research and consultancy roles. In my mind it is the all-round best value product available for specialist sporting video based motion analysis."

Neal Smith PhD - Field Leader in Biomechanics and Research Methods - University of Chichester : Quintic Education


Quintic ""Having recently upgraded my system to the latest version of the Quintic software and installing three fixed high-speed cameras around my treadmill, gait analysis can now be performed simply and quickly by playing back the three views instantly and simultaneously. Quintic is an excellent tool for patient education enabling them to understand the concepts of their orthotic treatment. The use of reflective markers allows automatic tracking of key anatomical landmarks, providing data that further helps to fine tune prescriptions.

In my practice I find Quintic invaluable in the management of children to catalogue changes in gait as a result of growth and development. The system comes into its own with the ability for the practitioner to view the effect of different types of running shoe and orthosis, as well as demonstrating to patients the benefits and disadvantages of different types of footwear. Quite simply Quintic is a cost effective and efficient piece of equipment essential to the clinician who wants an impressive and successful MSK biomechanical practice."

Richard Callaghan: R M Callaghan & Associates Ltd : Quintic in Action - Podiatry


Quintic "As the Olympic head coach for the British Archery team, Quintic Biomechanics allows me to check the archers’ execution of the shot and their consistency of alignment from the overhead camera view.  By knowing the joint angles of the arms and shoulders we can track the archers through any technical changes we make.  Quintic video analysis also allows us to compare video footage of different archers and also analyse the differences of archers between training and competition so we can identify any technical differences or areas to work on."

Lloyd Brown - GB Olympic Head Coach - GB Archery : Quintic in Action - Archery


Quintic "Quintic video analysis software is of huge assistance to the ongoing development of our athletes at all levels, and most certainly at Olympic level. Success in our sport is highly dependant upon technical skill performance, and Quintic allows us to very accurately analyse skill performance and provide the individual athlete will clear visual information on current performance and required adjustments. Quintic also allows us to quickly and accurately measure elapsed time of efforts in training or competition, which we then use in a number of ways to further enhance performance.
Quintic is one of our most valuable training and competition tools!"

Grant White - National BMX Coach, British Cycling : Quintic in Action - Cycling


"Research shows that on average, athletes and coaches can only recall 30% of performance correctly. Performance Analysis software can help with the missing 70%.'Using Quintic analysis software package we can provide real-time feedback to the coach and athlete. Within the software we are able to create split-screen comparisons of the athlete with themselves pre and post injury or pre and post coaching intervention or against a role model.'Both video and statistics are used to assist an athlete – after all the camera never lies! Performance analysis is widely utilised in elite sport today; it’s instant, it’s simple, it’s real and it can have immediate effect on performance."

Stafford Murray - EIS Lead Performance Analyst : Quintic in Action - EIS


"Being able to synchronise different throws, current and best, proved invaluable in preparation for the games in Sydney 2000 & Athens 2004.' 'I can compare the timing of current training throws with my best 90m efforts from previous years. By synchronising current and best throws at release we could rewind in slow motion and analyse the differences."

Steve Backley OBE : Quintic in Action - Athletics


"Quintic Performance Analysis Software provides comprehensive, easy to use, tools to allow me to analyse my full swing, chipping and putting in fine detail, whether I'm on the practice range, indoors or away on Tour. I am able to immediately synchronise and compare my swing action and tempo, whilst the use of the drawing tools enables me to calculate the speed and acceleration of my club and arms."

Padraig Harrington : Quintic in Action - Golf


"As a bowler who prides himself on consistent performance it is really important for me to monitor my action. With the help of the Quintic Performance Analysis Software this helps me not only fine tune my performance but also limit potential injury.' 'They say 'Pictures paint a thousand words' and to see the critical angles and positions of your run up and delivery stride helps me make instant changes to my action. It really is another dimension for any training programme..."

Matthew Hoggard : Leicestershire & England : Quintic in Action - Cricket


Quintic "As the the biomechanist for British Cycling and the English Institute of Sport. We use Quintic video feedback, for real time qualitative analysis of training sessions where our cyclists need real time feedback, for them to understand how their cycling position changes under load. We also use Quintic for our research studies we make use of the automatic digitisation function. This allows us to relatively quickly get accurate joint angle and positioning data from our cyclists. Using this we can investigate the impact of different types of training on body position and technique during cycling. The videos from these training sessions can be viewed using the Quintic player which we distribute to all our coaches and athletes so we are able to share videos very easily from training sessions and hope to improve performance.

Dr Paul Barratt : English Insitiute of Sport : Biomechanist : British Cycling : Quintic in Action - Cycling


Quintic To date Centaur Biomechanics has assessed 1000+ horses ranging from riding club to Olympic level alongside research studies. Currently equestrian Team GB use biomechanics as part of their management programme in the run up to London 2012. In previous years it has been seen that biomechanical testing was only available to those elite horses and riders competing at a high level. However, biomechanical analysis has benefits which all sectors of the equine industry can derive. Equal to performance is use in injury prevention and maintenance. Biomechanical testing has been used widely as part of a lameness prevention programme.

In addition as the number of sport horses continues to grow along with the competition for the top prizes, it is becoming more apparent that the prevention of injury to sports horses is a fundamental factor in maintaining and improving performance. This trend is highlighted by the aforementioned inclusion of biomechanical testing to team horses in the run up to London 2012.

Quintic Biomechanics video analysis software is extremely useful for elite horses and riders trying to make those subtle adjustments which can help performance. Alongside the elite level, biomechanics has an equally important role for any horse where the management and prevention of injury, two key areas in maintaining performance and well-being, are considered of high priority by the owner.

Russell Guire : Centaur Biomechanics : Equine Biomechanics


"Quintic Video Analysis allows me to analyse my player's performance after every training session and game. I use the software to help break down individual and team skills to get the most out of all our players and would recommend Quintic to all coaches, whatever their level"

Tony Russ : Academy Director, Harlequins RFC : Quintic in Action - Rugby


"The Quintic system allows video footage of any player to be viewed through the software. This provides the viewer with a unique opportunity to analyse and improve their technique and compare their game to the world’s best. It is an invaluable coaching tool as it enables a coach and player to analyse technique in fine detail. The best players in the world never stop working at their game. Quintic is the latest technology to help you improve yours. Good luck with your game."

Peter Nicol : Former World No 1 Squash Player


"I have been working with the Quintic system for a number of years and find it an invaluable tool for the analysis and teaching of technical events, such as the Shot Putt. We have been able to use the system within the National Squad to identify technical faults, and to provide developing athletes, and more importantly their personal coaches, with information that they can take away with them and continue to improve within their own training environments.  We can provide both a printed output, identifying their particular technical faults or issues and suggestions for them to work on to overcome these concerns, together with video files that can be easily viewed with the Quintic Player, which is available to everyone.With my own personal athletes that I coach or advise, some of which are located overseas, the Quintic system has provided us with the ideal tool for sharing information in an electronic age.  We are able to send video files over the internet and view them simultaneously, identifying positions via frame number, while discussing the salient points over teleconference via the computer"

Shaun Pickering : UKA - Shot Putt : Quintic in Action - Athletics


"I have been using Quintic extensively for five years and have found it the ideal tool when providing qualitative and quantitative feedback to swimmers and coaches.’‘At a basic level, I use Quintic to show a swimmer how their technique has changed over a period of time, and what effect this technique change has had on their performance."

Dr Carl Paton : Biomechanist, British Swimming Association : Quintic in Action - Swimming


Quintic "Quintic has helped remove the guesswork involved within the game of cricket and in the minds of cricketers, allowing us to see the technique in reality and what is happening in the true form. The software has helped me identify the areas to improve and work specifically on, the old saying of ‘seeing is believing’ has helped our trainees improve in double quick time. I have used several other software systems and found that Quintic is the most hands on and user friendly software for the analysis of cricket. I have always enjoyed the best aftersales service and support from Quintic.”

Mr Irfan Sait : Karnataka Institute of Cricket, Bangalore, India : www.kioc.net


"In my sport winning and losing is a fine line, being able to watch my performance through Quintic enables me to slow down and analyse my technique to make the fine adjustments needed to be a World Class Performer.' I have used Quintic in all aspects of my training including race tactics and studying other world-class skaters. I would recommend the use of this high-speed technology to anyone looking to become the best in their sport."

Jon Eley : Great Britain No1, Short Track Speed Skating


"Quintic has certainly been a fantastic resource for me. It deals in facts, and is in no way persuaded by sentiment or emotion. It is very hard to improve on areas of technique if you are unable to measure them. Quintic offers an easy to use system that allows you to measure degrees of rotation, flexion and extension, and compare split screen footage. Throughout my career I have always looked to improve year on year on certain facets of my game and with the support and knowledge of the coach and the facts that Quintic delivers I have a clear idea of where exactly I am on my journey of improvement. In recent times when my action has been in the spotlight I have religiously used the feedback from Quintic. With the support of Quintic, the players and the coaches at Sussex, I have achieved everything I could have dreamed of..."

James Kirtley : Sussex & England : Quintic in Action - Cricket


"The Quintic system allows me to view video footage of any golfer, irespective of ability or location through the software. This provides me with a unique opportunity to analyse and improve technique and compare the students game to the world’s best... Quintic is an invaluable coaching tool as it enables me to analyse technique in fine detail. Quintic combined with the internet is the latest technology to aid both the coach and the golfer improve perfomance and transfer of information.

Tony Bennett : PGA Master Professional : Quintic in Action - Golf


“Putting has always been one of my strengths but I’ve never truly excelled on the greens. About 12 months ago I decided in order to challenge the world’s best players I had to change my stroke. With the assistance of Paul Hurrion’s Quintic putting analysis software I’ve transformed my stroke. Visually it looks quite different but the changes have been quite easy to make. If you get the chance to work with Paul I’d recommend it”.

David Howell : European Tour Professional : Quintic in Action - Golf


"Quintic was chosen after comparison with other similar products.  The demo was well presented covering all areas. Time had been taken to obtain clips of Archers so the presentation was personalised to us and our requirements. No pressure to buy was put on us at any time, being a British company also had its attractions. The licensing, registering and setting up of the programme for our  athletes was very straight forward allowing them to be up and using it  in a short space of their precious time. Within 2 hours the archers were using the system with confidence and exploring different areas that it could be applied to.

Over the 09/10 Winter training camps Quintichave attended with their pressure plate and in conjunction with the Casio high speed cameras we have been able to rectify faults and improve our teams performance. Their attitude has always been helpful and friendly regularly working longer hours to ensure all our needs had been met before departing. Backup has been excellent, always someone at the end of the phone to answer any queries we have had. Overall we have found a British company supplying a product that best suited our requirements. The programme is very user friendly allowing the archer / analyst to be up and running with its operation in a short space of time. Our Archers have improved their scores with the aid of Quintic. We have just returned from our Test Event in India in preparation for the Commonwealth Games in October with a pleasing haul of medals, including Gold’s, from Archers who have been benefiting directly from the Quintic Analysis Software for only a few months."

Paul Atkins : English Archery Federation : Quintic in Action - Archery


"As a coach you must strive to give your athlete the best possible chance to do their best. You must have the tools to be able to see and correct small faults. Using the Quintic software gives us that ability.' 'I believe that the Quintic software gives our team a fantastic advantage in training or during competition. It means we are able to focus on the areas where time is lost or small mistakes are made. We are able to compare one team against another, using the main screen and best screen, and see which team has the best line on the track and then try to follow that line. There are so many good facilities in this programme that we have still not used the programme to its full potential."

Peter Gunn - British Bobsleigh


Quintic "As the biomechanist for GB Archery, I use Quintic biomechanics software to analyse the archers, particularly from the overhead view.  What we primarily use Quintic for is automatic tracking and linear analysis functions to look at displacement of the joints and velocities in the vertical and horizontal planes when they perform the shot. Quintic angular analysis also allows us to calculate joint angles and assess alignment.  We can use the information that Quintic's analysis provides us along with the video data to analyse the variables in the shot allowing us to highlight what causes a bad shot and a good shot and report this information back to the archer. With both the numerical and video data we can start to build up a picture of archers technical flaws of what’s working well with their technique and report this back to the athlete and coach."

Dr Oli Logan - English Institute of Sport - Biomechanics - GB Archery : Quintic in Action - Archery


"The Golf Union of Wales is extremely grateful to Quintic Consultancy Ltd and Dr Paul Hurrion for the training and use of its Quintic software for our national coaches. This system provides unrivalled technical support and backup to our coaches that will assist their delivery to our squads and players"

Neil Matthews : Golf Union of Wales : Quintic in Action - Golf


"We primarily use Quintic as a video analysis tool that allows us to implement in-session and post-session analysis, while also providing comparative analyse of techniques and movements over a period of time. Quintic enables us to compare videos and technique from today’s training session against past (and future) training sessions and competitions. If with one of our athletes we are looking at the angles of shoulder to elbow to hand, Quintic allows us to draw this angle straight onto the video and provide the athlete with ongoing visual feedback.

One of the most important ways I utilise Quintic is my post session coaching analysis, with functions like the export analysis tool and the stage by stage multi-photo sequence. Export analysis allows me to add angle drawings, foot contact timings, coaching points and other notational analysis to the video... Quintic allows me to provide advice and feedback to the athlete in this fantastic way - the athlete can access it away from the training session - in this way we keep building a pattern of analysis as we move forward throughout our training season"

Alan Richardson : National Coach Mentor : Pole Vault and Jumps : England Athletics: Quintic in Action - Athletics